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Gildersleeve and Palladas

Laudator Temporis Acti quotes Basil L. Gildersleeve: Platonic scholars, with rare exceptions, are roughly to be divided into two classes, those who can understand the thought but not the Greek and those who can read the Greek but cannot understand … Continue reading

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Hot Topics in Classical Studies

A few weeks ago, Bryn Mawr Classical Review published revised guidelines for authors. At the end, they also gave a list of the most visited reviews and replies to reviews from the previous year. I found it interesting that no … Continue reading

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How Original Is This?

Staunton, Virginia has a one-unit hotel, The Storefront, “a very small hotel”. Is this sort of thing found in other cities as well? It’s certainly a clever idea. Guests receive a certificate good for breakfast at either of two eateries … Continue reading

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Who(m) Can You Count On?

If you’re looking for a snow shovel three days into a blizzard: Home Depot. Martin’s (our local high-end grocery chain) sold out on Friday, when the blizzard was just getting started. By Monday, Walmart had been out of snow shovels … Continue reading

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The view from my front window late this morning: Renting means not having to shovel the steps, like the home-owner across the street. The view from my back window:

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And You Thought Roman Numerals Were Unnecessarily Complex . . .

Eugene Volokh quotes M. I. Finley’s warning about the unreliability of numbers in ancient authors: Even the rare figure to which an ancient author treats us is suspect a priori …. [W]hen Thucydides (7.27.5) tells us that more than 20,000 … Continue reading

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Good News, I Guess

It would take 10 shots of Absinthe to kill me Created by Bar Stools (þ Cold Fury)

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Perhaps An Homage to George Jones?

Driving through Berryville, Virginia a couple of hours later I had to slow down for a police car on the shoulder with all its lights flashing. There was no other car on the shoulder, and the policeman was having an … Continue reading

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If This Is A Joke, It’s A Good One

Driving through Waynesboro, Virginia yesterday, I passed the entrance to The Eastside Speedway, a venue for drag-racing, Motocross, and demolition derbies. The one-block-long road leading to it is Al Gore Lane.

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Testing a Greek Font

Glycon (A.P. 10.124): Πάντα γέλως, καὶ πάντα κόνις, καὶ πάντα τὸ μηδέν·     πάντα γὰρ ἐξ ἀλόγων ἐστὶ τὰ γινόμενα. All is laughter, all is dust, all is nothing, for all that is cometh from unreason. Is this Greek legible? I’m … Continue reading

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Absit Omen

The Gramophone has put much (all?) of their archives on-line, but the texts have been OCR’d, and the results are as one would expect: often erroneous and sometimes unintelligible. My favorite typo so far is from the review of one … Continue reading

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What Maketh the Heart Grow Fonder?

Absinthe, of course, which recently appeared at the state liquor store down the hill. They have four different brands, all priced from $42.95 to $59.95, so I need to do a bit of research before trying one out. Not to … Continue reading

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Warm Front Coming Through?

I know very little about meteorology, but tomorrow’s National Weather Service forecast for my town includes what must be a quite unusual combination: “Patchy frost / Hi: 70o F”.

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Bureaucratic Syntax?

It should be known that Akaky Akakievich expressed himself mostly with prepositions, adverbs, and finally, such particles as have decidedly no meaning. If the matter was very difficult, he even had the habit of not finishing the phrase at all, … Continue reading

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Life in a Small Town

Most depressing things I’ve seen or heard in the last two weeks: 1. The policeman who pulled me over for speeding last Tuesday asked me about my driving record and I told him, quite truthfully, that I’ve had four moving … Continue reading

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Life and Art

What’s it like living in one of the hillier parts of the Shenandoah Valley? Like living in a Grandma Moses painting, but with slightly duller colors and much better perspective. I really like driving past cows on the way to … Continue reading

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Missing the Best Part?

InstaPundit is duly impressed that Amazon sells bacon-flavored jelly beans. I’m more astonished by the last two things listed under ‘customers who bought this item also bought’: the bacon wallet (imitation bacon, I presume) and the Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur … Continue reading

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Historico-Sociologico-Linguistic Query

I gather from various English novels read over the years that public-school boys routinely called each other by their last names (perhaps still do), and that brothers were called (e.g.) ‘Smith major’ and ‘Smith minor’. I’ve always wondered what they … Continue reading

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A Fourteenth-Century Blogger?

If I fail to say what lies on my mind it gives me a feeling of flatulence; I shall therefore give my brush free rein. Mine is a foolish diversion, but these pages are meant to be torn up, and … Continue reading

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Laudator Temporis Acti has an amusing post on ‘comical construes’. Here is another, as I heard it from one of my professors in grad school: In Satires 1.4.120, Horace uses the phrase nabis sine cortice, “you will swim without a … Continue reading

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