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Happy Birthday, Ibis!

Since David Meadows is on vacation, I suppose it falls to me to point out that today is the Dies Alliensis, and therefore the birthday of Ovid’s fictional enemy Ibis. Here are the more amusing bits from Part IV of … Continue reading

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Categories (Mine, not Aristotle’s)

Posting should be more frequent now that I’ve settled the categories. WordPress doesn’t make it easy. The category archives are displayed in the order in which the categories were added. Since I want them to appear in a particular logical … Continue reading

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Martial IV

It’s too early to party, but I have uploaded the first e-fascicle of an electronic text of the complete epigrams of Martial: Book IV, with a few textual novelties, an original selection of variants and conjectures, and an apparatus criticus … Continue reading

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A Riddle And A Pun

What would be the most appropriate dish to serve at a party celebrating the publication of a book on Martial, or the Priapea, or some other scurrilous and scoptic classic? Crudités, of course.

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