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Feed the Geek

A month ago I posted about Liver Pudding, a Carolina delicacy whose very name makes me shudder. Last week, Ann Althouse reminded us that her readers once paid her $200 to eat something she has always despised, an egg salad … Continue reading

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Quot Lectores, Tot Propertii

Although I haven’t posted much lately, I have been hard at work ‘behind the scenes’ on several projects. Here are the first two: I. I continue to add to my collection of critical texts on the web, and have just … Continue reading

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Books for Sale

Over the last month or so, I have added quite a few Classics titles to the list of Books for Sale (link in left-hand column), including several that are, so far as I can determine, not available elsewhere either new … Continue reading

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Question about Orthography — and Metre

If we’re going to give our students texts in which v is used for consonantal u, shouldn’t the enclitic conjunction be -qve, not -que? The latter confuses some students in their scansion exercises, since they try to take the u … Continue reading

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