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Except the first of the wombats . . .

From Evelyn Waugh, Rossetti: His Life and Works (IV.ii, pp. 154-55 of the new Penguin edition): “[Of pets] he had at one time and another a Pomeranian puppy called Punch, an Irish wolfhound called Wolf, two brown owls called Jenny … Continue reading

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Another Curculio

Two things I learned last week: That there is a Curculio Institute, headquartered in Mönchengladbach, Germany. The website ( helpfully defines it as “Center for Studies on western Palearctic Curculionoidea”, in other words, European weevils. That their newsletter, formerly Weevil … Continue reading

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Faustian Latin VIII – Faustus’ Oath

It seems best to divide the text (I.2.230-34) into convenient pieces, number them for easy reference (and speaking), and interleave text and translation, with all the notes below: 1. Sint míhi déi Acheróntis propítii! May the gods of Acheron be … Continue reading

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Faustian Latin VII – some bits I missed, one of them not Latin

I will get to Faustus’ oath soon, but in the mean time here are three bits I missed. At some point, I hope to put these all together on one page, in order, with line references to the various editions, … Continue reading

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