How Original Is This?

Staunton, Virginia has a one-unit hotel, The Storefront, “a very small hotel”. Is this sort of thing found in other cities as well? It’s certainly a clever idea. Guests receive a certificate good for breakfast at either of two eateries less than a block away. Presumably the owner or a representative comes by once a day to change the bedclothes and restock the refrigerator. If I didn’t already live in Staunton, I would certainly try it out.

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2 Responses to How Original Is This?

  1. This is not a novel idea. Throughout the world these are know as ‘bed and breakfast’ hotel or cottages. Most of these one-room hotels include at least breakfast (usually cooked by the owner). If you google bed and breakfast, you’ll get a much bigger list of possibilities.

  2. Al Kriman says:

    I can’t say I ever heard of it before, but you can goog “one-room hotels” (plural to avoid [American-form, anyway] attributive nouns like “one-room hotel suite”) and get “[a]bout 74,800 results,” which turns out to be more precisely 110 results if you try to pull them up. Anyway, this includes a few ten-best lists of one-room hotels.

    Staunton’s doesn’t make any of these lists, but it only opened in 2009.

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