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Fielding Translates Silius

Silius Italicus doesn’t have much of a Nachleben, but here’s a translation of Punica 2.217-221 from The Complete Works of Henry Fielding, Esq., edited by James P. Browne (London, 1903), Volume XI, page 155:             A Simile from Silius Italicus Aut … Continue reading

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Dubious Historical Claim of the Day

InstaPundit links to a story from the Knoxville News about Tina, a Shire breed horse claimed to be the world’s tallest. The dubious historical claim is half a sentence: “Shires date to the Trojan War . . . .” What … Continue reading

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More Wilkie Collins

Some quotations from The Guilty River (1886): 1. The hero’s stepmother describes their Member of Parliament, who has been unlucky in love (VI): “. . . quite broken-hearted about Lady Lena; gone away to America to shoot bears.” 2. The … Continue reading

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Latin or Pseudo-Latin?

Colby Cosh writes: “I guess I’m the only news editor alive who isn’t busy reading about horcruxes.” I haven’t read the books or seen the movies, and have no plans to do either, but shouldn’t that be ‘horcruces’?

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One Reason I Prefer the Classics

The theory taught in graduate schools of modern literature is like mortadella: it’s expensive, imported, beautifully packaged, made with loving care by experts who have devoted their lives to their work and do it very well . . . but … Continue reading

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