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Alt-Code Charts — now with Eth and Thorn!

I made these up for work a few months ago, and some of you may find them useful. They are charts giving the standard Alt-codes for accented letters that are used in various software packages, for instance Alt-237 (on the … Continue reading

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Pedantic Mondegreen

A few days ago, the same friend whose book I so gravely defaced (see previous post) told me about Michael Quinion’s World Wide Words site,* which looks likely to fill many hours of my time in the next few weeks, … Continue reading

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Ex Libris

I thought I’d posted on this before, but Google disagrees. Apologies to anyone who has heard it before. The internet Classics list has been discussing how to say ‘Ex Libris’ in Greek, which reminded me (as so many things do) … Continue reading Continue reading

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