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Handouts I

I have made up a one-page handout cross-referencing Seneca’s Epistulae Morales against the various 20th-century commentaries, each of which covers a different selection. The Word 2000 for Windows (.doc) version is here, the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) version here. Besides showing … Continue reading

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Variations on a Theme

The first two are well-known, but I’m particularly (perversely?) fond of the third. I ran across it years ago in a four-volume edition of Belloc’s verse, and have been looking for it ever since. The weblogger who calls herself The … Continue reading

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Two Footnotes

I always have a mild urge to call them ‘feetnotes’ . . . . Two things that surprised me about Der Rosenkavalier at the Met yesterday: 1. I don’t think I’d ever heard a non-ironic non-metaphorical use of the word … Continue reading

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Long Before BlogSpot . . . .

A book I’m indexing reports that the 19th century mathematician Augustin-Louis Cauchy was so prolific that he sometimes published papers at the rate of two per week. When the editors of his favorite journal imposed a quota, he persuaded a … Continue reading

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