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Two or three corrections in Edith Wharton short stories

My first venture into textual criticism of modern printed authors is now (I believe) out of embargo, so I have made a PDF and uploaded it here. If you’re not yet sure you want to click the link, the title … Continue reading

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Why Publish Original Scholarship On-Line?

I can think of at least seven good reasons to publish original classical scholarship on my own site where anyone can read it, and only three against. In favor are these: Access: Anyone can read what I have to say. … Continue reading

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Curculio 1: Silius Italicus: Why Seventeen Books?

The unusual length of Silius Italicus’ Punica has often caused puzzlement. Antony Augoustakis discusses the point in the first chapter of the recent Brill companion to Silius. He credits Michael von Albrecht with noting that the number of books “corresponds … Continue reading

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Another Downloadable File

The subject of ancient shipwrecks just came up on the Classics list, and I promised to make a PDF version of a pertinent paper I wrote. It’s actually more philological than historical, and defends the transmitted ripas in Horace, Odes … Continue reading

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