More On Statius’ Somnus

The most recent (though not very recent) post on Gabriel Laguna’s Tradición Clásica is on Statius, Silvae 5.4, the ‘Ode to Sleep’. One of first things I put on the web here was ‘Sonnets to Morpheus’, with texts of Statius’ poem and three elaborate Renaissance imitations, by Jacob Balde and Janus Pannonius in Latin and Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas in Castilian Spanish. (None of them are sonnets: I just like puns.) It’s interesting that all three chose the shortest and (by common consent) best of Statius’ Silvae and then expanded it to lengths more typical of the rest of the Silvae.

I have now fixed the link, which was broken, and changed the background to a less intrusive pattern. One of these days I hope to add an apparatus to the Statius, plus a couple of more poems on the same theme whose authors and titles I have jotted down somewhere in my chaotic files.

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