The 9 Types of College Teachers

There are more than nine, but this School is Hell cartoon covers the most important ones (þ Colby Cosh). I link it here partly for you, dear readers, partly so I can find it again myself, since Cosh’s twittery link is evanescent. The fifth and seventh types seem to overlap a bit.

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  1. Al Kriman says:

    My ignorance, at least, isn’t a very reliable indicator that this hasn’t caught on. In any case, it’s certainly appropriate that someone named Cosh should be the first to suggest interpreting the thorn in a way that further suggests a head on its side.

  2. site admin says:

    Thanks for letting me know about the dead link. The thorn is intentional: it represents a ‘tip of the hat’, giving credit to the site on which I found my link. I think it was Colby Cosh who first suggested using thorn, since it (a) looks like a hat tipped on its side, and (b) isn’t much used except on Icelandic and Old English websites. I suppose it hasn’t really caught on.

  3. Al Kriman says:

    Mostly just flagging a typo. Not sure what was intended here, but the first character in the parenthesis is a (lower-case?) thorn, and “Colby Cosh” anchors an empty URL. (FWIW, iirc Apple machines used to use the code point for thorn for an fi or fl ligature. Maybe I should be embarrassed not to know what abbreviation was mangled here.)

    Incidentally, thanks for this. Many years ago I especially enjoyed the controls-magnesium bit, but later I was unable to track it down again because I misattributed it to Dave Barry.

    I don’t really remember these types from my student days, but “the steady droner” is someone I’ve definitely encountered since then. Reading this makes me feel better about being disorganized and unprepared.

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