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The subject of ancient shipwrecks just came up on the Classics list, and I promised to make a PDF version of a pertinent paper I wrote. It’s actually more philological than historical, and defends the transmitted ripas in Horace, Odes 3.27.24 against conjectures of Bentley and Shackleton Bailey. The title is “Seneca, St. Paul, Synesius, and the Text of the Europa Ode” (Syllecta Classica, 1994), and the PDF version (8 pages) is here.

Some time in the next few weeks I will turn all my published papers into PDF files and upload them, at least until the journals in which they were published object. (There could be copyright problems.) If everyone did that, we could all save a lot of time and nickels making copies of each other’s articles in university libraries, though we would also drain our printer cartridges even faster. It’s quite easy, but you have to use Acrobat Distiller rather than PDF Writer to get the Greek to come out right. As I understand it, the former creates a compact PDF file that uses the viewer’s own fonts, while the latter embeds the fonts in a much larger file, so the viewer need not have whatever Greek font you use.

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