Pedantic Leg Footnote

If I’m not mistaken, the “gloriously accoutred warrior”* Chloreus who inadvertently lures Camilla to her death in Book XI is the first character in the Aeneid who is wearing any pants: of his many colorful garments, the last mentioned is barbara tegmina crurum (11.777). He is probably the last, too, though I have another book to go in my current (re)reading of the Aeneid. A peek in the OCT index tells me that Chloreus is killed off in 12.363, where he shares a single line with two nonentities, Sybaris and Thersilochus, along with Dares, presumably the loser of the boxing-match in Book V. At least he and Dares get single-word death-notices, if not full-scale obituaries: in the Iliad, Nireus, the handsomest of all the Greeks at Troy after Achilles, is never mentioned after his five lines in the Catalogue of Ships (2.671-75).

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*The description is from R. D. Williams, ad loc.

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