An Unfortunate Coincidence of Names

Prufrock Press “is the nation’s leading resource for gifted and talented children and gifted education programs”. I hope the name is not a literary allusion. Gifted and talented children have enough trouble with accusations of nerdliness and worse: they really don’t need to be associated with J. Alfred Prufrock, who couldn’t decide whether he dared to eat a peach or whether he should “wear white flannel trousers and walk upon the beach”.

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One Response to An Unfortunate Coincidence of Names

  1. shannon ashby and thomas kent says:

    Mr. Hendry me and Thomas take that offensively because we’re both in gifted and talented and i am most definitly NOT a NERD. If i was i would probably have better grades then i do right now…lol.

    So tell Carly, Heather, Alex, and Olivia hi for me(: and that i miss them terribly. And we miss you too.

    So BYE!:)

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