Quotation of the Day

“I don’t like men that are always eating cake.”

(Gertrude Wentworth, in Henry James, The Europeans, I)

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2 Responses to Quotation of the Day

  1. Shannon Ashby and Thomas Kent and Haleigh Martin says:

    Hey Mr. Hendry,

    We’re sitting in Computer class and came up on your website…..Me, Thomas, and Haleigh all agreee that men that eat cake are awesome!!!!!!:)

    And we just wanted to say hi, and that we are learning alot of Latin from Ms. Lytton.

    We all miss you and our Riverheads friends so tell them all hi for us!

    Shannon, Thomas, and Haleigh

  2. Cansondro Crumbow says:

    I do not agree good sir.I LOVE men that are always eating cake but to each its own.

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