Question about Orthography — and Metre

If we’re going to give our students texts in which v is used for consonantal u, shouldn’t the enclitic conjunction be -qve, not -que? The latter confuses some students in their scansion exercises, since they try to take the u as a vowel. For that matter, shouldn’t desueta in Aeneid 2.509 be desveta? It’s scanned as a trisyllable, and ue is not a diphthong, so the u must be a consonant here. For the opposite problem, I assume that Horace’s trisyllabic forests in Epode 13.2 should be spelled siluae, not silvae, even in elementary texts, to show that the word is an anapest, not a spondee. The Latin Library does precisely that. I should check my other Horaces.

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