Emendations ‘R’ Us

Eve Tushnet has a top-ten post on horror in pop songs. Unfortunately, I’ve never heard of any of the songs, and only one of the performers – Siouxsie and the Banshies – who was (were?) the object of a Beavis & Butt-Head text-and-commentary segment. The last title on the Tushnet list is a song by the Cramps (whoever they are) called “Eyeball in my Martini”. My split-second reaction was “shouldn’t that be ‘Eyeball in my Highball’?”. A Google search shows that a song by that name has already been written, and is available for 50¢ from Lulu. I haven’t decided yet whether to pay for a copy.

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  1. Alfred M. Kriman says:

    Dead Kennedys was a very well-known punk band. You’ve probably heard of lead singer Jello Biafra. Those guys lived to offend (Biafra also tried out some other more fliply offensive pseudonyms), and some of their music was good. I seem to recall that in certain venues, they performed under another name because Dead Kennedys was considered too insensitive.

    (The Tushnet link is slightly broken, by the way.)

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