What is the First Poem in Martial, Book I?

The sixth and longest (so far) of my Martial papers for August 2017, titled as above, is here in PDF form.

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2 Responses to What is the First Poem in Martial, Book I?

  1. Michael Hendry says:

    Thanks. That’s not a proof, just a point in favor of 1-2 being ‘outside the book’. I think the strongest argument, which I believe is a new one, is that the most plausible reason for the impossible order of the manuscripts, with 1-2 between the prose and verse of the Epistle, is that a scribe found them before the prose, thought the prose should come first, and moved them the minimum distance to put them after it. In other words, the second paragraph on the second page is the most important part of the paper.

  2. Toph Marshall says:

    Interesting. Does the argument in fn1 work against the comment about 1.1, though? toto notus in orbe might be an exaggeration, but it’s a reasonable claim for an author’s fourth book (Spect, XIII, XIV, I), no?.

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