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Aphorism of the Day

El hombre actual no vive en el espacio y en el tiempo. Sino en la geometria y los cronómetros. Modern man does not live in space and time. Rather in geometry and clocks. (Nicolás Gómez Dávila, Escolios a un Texto … Continue reading

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Two Epigrams on Timon the Misanthrope

These are Callimachus LI and LII in Gow and Page, Hellenistic Epigrams, 7.317-318 in the Greek Anthology. The first is a dialogue, with the translation mostly borrowed from Paton’s Loeb: — Τίμων, οὐ γὰρ ἔτ᾿ ἐσσί, τί τοι, σκότος ἢ … Continue reading

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Retro Me, Spamulatores

I upgraded WordPress to version 1.5 yesterday, which makes spam comments a lot easier to deal with. Lately, quite a few of the latter have contained a simple two-word message: tool die. My first thought on seeing one was that … Continue reading

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