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Things I Thought I’d Never Have To Do

. . . at least while teaching high school Latin and middle school Geography: Use a small plastic trashcan to help corral a copperhead. Our biology teacher held a laminated copy of the Gettysburg Address behind the snake while I … Continue reading

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Announcement: Spam Filters

Please be advised that comments containing the following words and phrases will be deleted by my software without me ever seeing them: ‘amateur’ ‘credit’ ‘debt’ ‘loan’ ‘consolidation’ ‘cash advance’ ‘mastercard’ ‘visa’ ‘american express’ Also names of prescription drugs, sexual practices, … Continue reading

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Five Years Ago Today . . . .

. . . was my first day as a High School teacher. Of course, I didn’t get much done other than meet the students, hand out syllabuses, and begin to learn their names. I got even less done on the … Continue reading

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