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Most Pathetic Spam of the Year?

This was left as a comment – unapproved, of course. I have also redirected the link: It’s so hard to get backlinks these days, honestly i need a backlink by comments on your blog / forums or guestbook to make … Continue reading

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A Familiar Type

Ada Spelvexit was one of those naturally stagnant souls who take infinite pleasure in what are called “movements”. “Most of the really great lessons I have learned have been taught me by the Poor”, was one of her favourite statements. … Continue reading

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Camouflage Cat . . .

. . . thinks a salmon-colored couch is nice, but a couch made entirely out of salmon would be nicer:

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Dear Xerox and Competitors:

Please provide a ‘default’ or ‘override’ button on all copy machines. The machine is not smarter than the user, at least when I’m making copies. I’m sick and tired of using machines that won’t copy my stuff at normal size. … Continue reading

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Dear Barnes and Noble:

Please don’t send me an e-mail telling me my order is “on the way” at 11:18pm if the book was already on my porch when I got home from work roughly seven hours earlier. You do this a lot. It … Continue reading

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