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Nomen Omen? Apparently Not

Last week I drove down I-97 from Baltimore to Annapolis and found that part of it is named “Senator John A. Cade Memorial Highway” after a long-time state legislator. Having seen and enjoyed Henry VI, Part 2 at the Blackfriars … Continue reading

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A Clue Hidden in Plain Sight?

In all the discussion of the Stuxnet worm (here is one recent example) many have noted the bit of code ‘DEADF007’, though they can’t agree whether it means “Dead Fool” or “Dead F***in [Secret Agent] 007” or something else to … Continue reading

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Hot Topics in Classical Studies

A few weeks ago, Bryn Mawr Classical Review published revised guidelines for authors. At the end, they also gave a list of the most visited reviews and replies to reviews from the previous year. I found it interesting that no … Continue reading

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