Announcement: Numeri Innumeri

I haven’t posted much in the last few months because I’ve been working on three web-based projects, each one larger than the one before. All three are classics-related, and use PHP and MySQL. Though the basic kernels of the ideas for two of them go back thirty years, I finally got around to doing serious work on them last summer, and that has cut into my blogging time.

The first of the three, though still only partially done, is now ready for the public:

1. Numeri Innumeri, the ancient numbers website, now uploaded here (note the V in the domain name). There are many features still to add, but it already has calculators to translate Roman numbers to Arabic, Arabic to Roman, and Arabic to the Greek alphabetic system, as well as a quiz module where you can test your knowledge of Roman numerals by translating them into Arabic numbers while the clock ticks. In the calculators and the quiz module, Roman numbers go as high as 399,999,999 and 11/12ths, and Greek numbers as high as 999,999.

I’ll be announcing the second project in the next few days, but the third will take a few more weeks to be presentable, even in partial form.

Comments and questions will be gratefully received, either by e-mail or as comments on this post.

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