New Feature: Ancient Text of the Week

Coming up shortly, an English translation of the Younger Pliny on the murder of Larcius Macedo (Epistle 3.14). This is a private letter, but no doubt polished up, since Pliny published it himself in his own lifetime. I have tried to translate it fairly closely. For instance, like other Latin authors, Pliny makes much use of the historical present for vividness, and I have translated these as presents whenever possible.

Questions, comments, and objections will be most welcome. These may be on the substance of the letter or the obscurities and infelicities in my translation.

I hope to post a similar text once a week, starting with more letters of Pliny. These will be posted on Sunday afternoons whenever possible, though this one is obviously rather late. I will also be posting these readings on my non-classical site for non-specialists, since I am curious to see how the comments from the two different sets of readers will differ.

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