Two More Seneca Commentaries

I have added two more commentaries on selected Epistulae Morales of Seneca to my list: Schafer 2009 and Berti 2018. If anyone knows of others I have missed, please let me know: I have a feeling I’ve seen one or two others. Unless I’ve missed a lot of them, it appears that wave of Seneca commentaries has abated in the last few years. There are still a dozen letters that get no love from any commentator and are not included in the translated selections of Campbell (Penguin), Inwood (Clarendon Later Ancient Philosophers), or Fantham (Oxford World’s Classics): 13, 17, 20, 45, 69, 74, 81, 89, 98, 102, 109, and 111.

Lowell Edmunds’ list of commentaries on Odes of Pindar, which was the model for mine, is back on-line at a new address, thanks to his student Leon Walsh: link. See this Tweet for how that came about: link.

Some day I hope to find the time to transform my Seneca list into a data base for easier and more flexible searching, and add similar cross-references for at least two other often-selected corpora far too large to make convenient PDFs: the Greek Anthology and Martial.

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One Response to Two More Seneca Commentaries

  1. Jeremias Grau says:

    Dear Michael,

    there is a detailed commentary on Seneca’s letter 104, which has been published in 2015.
    - Lemmens, Thomas: Tecum sunt quae fugis. Senecas 104. Brief an Lucilius. Ein Kommentar. Interpretation und Ausblick (= Wiener Studien 37), Wien 2015.

    I’m currently writing a commentary on the three letters 101- 103 of book 17 of Seneca‚Äôs Epistles as a PhD thesis at the University of Bamberg in Germany. Hopefully it will be finished and published/ edited as a book by 2021.
    - Grau, Jeremias: Somnium aeternitatis. Ein Kommentar zu Lucii Annaei Senecae epistulae morales ad Lucilium liber XVII, 101- 103.

    Janja Soldo has written a commentary on book 2 (letters 13- 21) as her PhD thesis at the University of Munich in Germany and is working on editing it as a book from now on. Publication date will be either 2020 or 2021.
    - Soldo, Janja: Kommentar zu Senecas Epistulae morales, Buch 2.

    I would appreciate you adding Lemmens’ publication on letter 104 and listing my upcoming work on letters 101, 102, 103 as well as Janja Soldo’s upcoming book on letters 13- 21.

    Best regards!
    Jeremias Grau

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