More (and Fewer) Forthcoming Texts

Please keep the corrections coming for my ‘Forthcoming Texts’ list. Using your comments and e-mails, I’ve deleted several works and added one or two, but there’s still plenty more I don’t know. For instance, why didn’t anyone tell me that Kannicht’s long-awaited edition of the fragments of Euripides, Volumes 5.1 and 5.2 of Tragicorum Graecorum Fragmenta, is out? If I hadn’t seen it on the shelf at U.N.C. Wednesday night, I wouldn’t have known. The spines say ‘2004’, but I’ve looked for it more recently than that without finding it. Both volumes are on my desk now, since I’m getting ready to teach some Euripides (mostly but not entirely in translation), and the occasional fragment to sight-read will help keep the students on their toes. It’s easier to give actual fragments than bits ripped from the surviving plays — easier to decide where to begin and end, at least. (I hope no one from U.N.C. reads this, is equally surprised and gratified by the publication of TGF 5, and decides to recall the volumes.)

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