A Clue Hidden in Plain Sight?

In all the discussion of the Stuxnet worm (here is one recent example) many have noted the bit of code ‘DEADF007′, though they can’t agree whether it means “Dead Fool” or “Dead F***in [Secret Agent] 007″ or something else to do with death or deadness or killers. No one I have read has noted that ‘Stux’ is an equally valid transliteration of the Greek name usually spelled ‘Styx’ in English, the Underworld river whose name means ‘Hate’ or ‘Hateful’ or something to do with hatred. That seems a very appropriate name for a destructive worm, and ‘-net’ is a plausible enough suffix, though not the most appropriate imaginable.

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  1. typhoeus says:

    de…ad = from…to?

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