“There’s Gonna Be Some Changes Made”

I will be announcing some major additions to this site over the next few days. At the same time, I will be drastically reducing the number of categories, using them only for the broadest classifications, and using Tags for more granularity. Subject categories that will be kept are a general Classics category, one for each ancient and modern language (Greek, Latin, English, Spanish, French, etc.), ‘Early Modern English Drama’ for those less interested in the whole history of English, and a few more for broad subject categories (Textual Criticism, Etymology, etc.). Also one for Announcements. Particular authors and works will be Tagged instead, as in my last few posts.

I will also be putting my blogroll back in, with some additions, and links to my web-texts and other features that have been unavailable while I’ve been remodeling.

If you wish to be kept informed of developments, I am now Tweeting as @Curculiunculus, since @Curculio was already taken.

More soon . . . .

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