Too Bad About the Gender

I love puns, even (or especially) the unintentional and bilingual kind. Browsing Cicero’s Verrines recently, I was very glad to run across a ‘most experienced and hardworking ploughman’ (experientissimus ac diligentissimus arator) named ‘Nympho’ (2.3.53-54).

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  1. Jane Mallison says:

    I too love bilingual puns. May I offer you my favorite–actually made up in the 1960s by a then-friend of mine (John Menapace of Durham, NC). Someone queried about a car radio: “Is Blaupunkt” German?? John: “No, it’s oysterian.”

    And you probably already know “Whom does the pomme de terre?”
    Answer: The doctor.

    Love your blog–just found it through Laudator Temporis Acti.

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