Is This A Pun?

From the picture of the book jacket on Blogographos, it appears that Harry Potter in Greek is APEIOΣ ΠOTHP. Assuming the accents match, that also means “Warlike Drinking-Cup”. Perhaps those who have dipped into the Greek version can tell me whether Harry’s Greek name is accented on the alpha and the eta, like the Greek phrase. And perhaps those who have either read any of the books in any language or seen any of the movies can tell me whether that’s a ‘speaking name’ or just a coincidence. It seems a bit inappropriate for one who is (I gather) too young to drink for most, if not all, of the time-span depicted in the series so far.

Update: (ten minutes later)

Assuming the translation is in Attic rather than Lesbian Aeolic, I suppose the eponymous hero has a rough breathing on his first name, in which case there is no match. Too bad: it still makes for a strikingly ambiguous effect on the cover, where the capitalization precludes accents and breathings.

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