Appeal for Information

After several years of stagnation, I am trying to update my list of Forthcoming Work in Classics. I would be grateful for any additions, deletions, and alterations to the list as it now stands. These may be left in the comments here, or sent by e-mail. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Helen Digan says:

    Professor Harry Jocelyn is not forgotten by his sister Judith Jocelyn/Stubbs nor his cousin Helen Digan

  2. Gene O'Grady says:

    It’s nice to have this service updated again.

    The green/yellow edition of Martial by the Watsons is dedicated to the memory of Jocelyn.

    Small correction: Joan Booth has apparently moved from Swansea to Leiden.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a shame – nearly five years ago and not a even a small ripple in major classics circles. He was a very learned man, even though his writing was a bit abrasive in both style and content. You would think that Cambridge or some other place would have held a major event in his honor.

  4. A web search found only one obituary for Jocelyn, in the Daily Telegraph for November 23, 2000. Unfortunately, it is behind some kind of subscription wall, so I’ve only read the ‘teaser’ on (whoever they are):

    Obituary of Professor Harry Jocelyn; Latin scholar with a ruthless critical streak who made sense of the fragments of the tragedies of Ennius.

    PROFESSOR HARRY JOCELYN, who has died aged 67, was an internationally respected Latin scholar and for 23 years Professor of Latin at Manchester.

    An authority on early Latin texts, Jocelyn made his reputation with his doctoral dissertation, a commentary on the surviving fragments of the lost tragedies of the early Roman poet Quintus Ennius which was sumptuously published by the Cambridge University Press in its Cambridge Classical Texts and Commentaries series as The Tragedies of Ennius (1969).
    The commentary revealed Jocelyn’s linguistic perceptivity and sense of style, …

    Since it’s been four and a half years, chances of his Plautus being published in some form must be fairly low, so I’ll delete it from the list.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Following up on Jocelyn – has there been an obit anywhere? I haven’t found one. Are we sure he is deceased?

  6. Thanks, I hadn’t heard about Jocelyn, and I suppose there’s always still some chance of posthumous publication, particularly if someone else can tie up loose ends. That sort of thing has been done before, e.g. Palmer’s Heroides was finished by Purser.

    I’ll delete the Theophrastus, also Xenophon of Ephesus, since I just found out that O’Sullivan’s Teubner has come out. I need to spend more time at publishers’ websites.

  7. Han Baltussen says:

    Theophrastus, ‘On Sweat’ (text, translation, and commentary) William W. Fortenbaugh (Rutgers) has appeared as Philos Ant. 93 (Brill 2003) combined with On Dizziness (RW Sharples), and On Fatigue (M Sollenberger)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t H.D. Jocelyn pass away a year or two ago? I imagine his Pseudolus commentary will not be completed.

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