More To Be Done Here: Martial (especially 1.79)

Ten years after uploading a virtual edition of Martial IV, with half a dozen original conjectures (link), I have finally found time to continue the task of making an online edition of all of Martial. Books I, II, VII, and XII are now uploaded, but not quite ready to show: they need one more thorough edit, and the QLTP program to view them is undergoing long-overdue debugging.

As I go over my text, I will be posting adversaria explaining my choices in controversial passages, and defending my own conjectures, particularly the ones that have been up for ten years. I hope to post one such comment each day in August. The first, “More To Be Done Here: Martial 1.79.2”, will be found here in PDF form. I will soon be making a sortable database of comments on Martial like the one on Persius already on-line (here), and adding more comments on Persius, too, as well as other authors, along with bibliographies, lists of manuscripts, and more. Comments are welcome, as always.

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