Gentler Remedies Are Preferable

In A Perpetual Student, Laudator Temporis Acti notes a couple of misprints. Here is the second, from a paper by Joachim Latacz on Nietzsche:

By now he has already received (from Leiden) the handwritten transcription of the time by Stephanus from the Florentine Codex Laurentianus.

I don’t understand what “transcription of the time” means. A bold emender might suggest “text” for “time.”

I have no aversion to bold emendations, but in this case I think the solution is “tome”.

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  1. Gene O'Grady says:

    Since we’re talking about the rather small certamen Hesiodi et Homeri I can’t think that “tome” is correct. Note also that “By now he has already received” sounds like poor translation from the German; I would guess that “time” is also a problem with a German original.

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