Forthcoming Editions

I have updated the list of forthcoming editions of classical works (link in the left column), deleting those I know to have been published and adding about two dozen more from publisher’s websites, departmental websites, and private correspondence. I am grateful to all those who have sent necessary additions, corrections, and deletions, and will be glad to hear of any that I have missed. In particular, I have a strong impression that a few more of the works listed have appeared, though I have not seen them.

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  1. Erik Hamer says:

    Just an up-date: the first volume of Habermehl’s comm on the latter part of the Satyrica is due to be published in June of this year:

    Peter Habermehl: Petronius Satyrica 79-141. Ein philologisch-literarischer Kommentar. Band 1: Petronius: Satyrica 79-110 (Walter de Gruyter: Berlin/New York)
    ISBN 3-11-018533-4

    Best wishes

  2. Thanks. Corrected version will be up in a few minutes.

  3. Gene O'Grady says:

    Thank you for continuing to provide this service.

    A few really petty corrections: The Loeb Menander vol. 3 and the OCT Demosthenes are both published, the latter quite recently. The Hutchinson Propertius IV is announced as part of CGLC for the fall of this year.

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