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Latin Scrabble II: Calculating Letter Frequencies

Getting hold of a sample of Latin text of any size is easy enough. I wanted 100,000 characters, so I copied three books from different websites into a single file. I believe they were Cicero’s 1st Catilinarian, Vergil’s Eclogues, and … Continue reading

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1. It’s been more than five years since I first posted a Greek crossword puzzle, so I’ve made up another one. This one is bigger and better: 16 x 12 instead of 9 x 6, and using the entire Greek … Continue reading

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Coming Soon

The categories will be completely reworked in the next few days. For teachers, the new ones will be partly by subject, partly by level, so that all posts likely to be of interest to middle-school, high-school, college, or graduate school … Continue reading

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Latin Scrabble I: Introduction

Note: Four more parts will follow: II. Calculating letter frequencies, III. Clarifying the rules, IV. A special rule to make things more interesting, V. Why Latin Scrabble is better than English Scrabble. The whole will then be put together into … Continue reading

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Oh Well . . . .

I spent all last Thursday afternoon with a nagging feeling that I was forgetting to do something, and only realized that I had missed the National Spelling Bee an hour or two after it ended. I guess the habit of … Continue reading

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