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Now that I have my laptop back and have found a temporary and partial fix for my spam-comment problem (more on that soon), it’s time to start posting more regularly. But first I have a question for my readers. I’m wondering whether I should make my ‘Ancient Jokes of the Day’ (Ioci Antiqui) ordinary blog-posts instead of (or as well as) adding them to the monthly PDF files. There are various pros and cons to consider:

  1. Pro: Most readers find HTML a lot more pleasant to read than PDF. Category archives make it easy for (un)interested readers to read the jokes and skip the rest of the site. I could even have separate categories for Greek and Latin jokes, so readers could read either or both.
  2. Con: Individual jokes could not be printed out so easily for classroom use. Perhaps I should continue to collect them in PDF files even if the HTML version is primary.
  3. Pro: Comments could be posted on each joke.
  4. Con: Greek could be transliterated, but making it appear as accented text is not so easy. Does anyone know a relatively foolproof method of doing this? It would have to work on various hardware using various browsers and with various fonts installed. I find it frustrating that Greek does not appear the same on the same site using different machines or the same machine viewing different sites.

No doubt there are other pros and cons to consider. As always, advice is welcome and may be placed in the comments or delivered by e-mail.

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