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Starting Monday, I will continue my Ioci Antiqui series, begun five years ago and interrupted after two months by press of other work. For the first time in five years I have means, motive, and opportunity all at the same time: motivation has been there all along, but my current job is very pleasant and provides some free time (opportunity), and all my books are finally out of storage (means).

Each day I will post an ancient joke, with Greek or Latin text, English translation, and (when necessary) brief explanatory notes. The original series, which ran from November 1st, 2000 through January 1st, 2001, can be found under Ioci Latini in the left margin, and new jokes will be added there. In order to make the accented Greek readable on any machine, I put the texts into PDF files, with a separate file for each month and a single page (or sometimes two) for each joke. Each day’s joke will be posted just after midnight Eastern U.S. time. I may also try posting them right here as ordinary WordPress posts, but that depends on whether I can come up with some easy way of displaying Greek so that all my readers can read it.

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