When Euphemisms Mislead

InstaPundit writes that if Obama takes Nick Gillespie’s advice to legalize and tax drugs, gambling, and prostitution, “it’ll be your patriotic duty to smoke dope and sleep with hookers”. My knowledge of hookers is purely theoretical, but surely if you’re actually sleeping with them you’re wasting your money?

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2 Responses to When Euphemisms Mislead

  1. Al Kriman says:

    If you sleep in class, you’re also wasting your money. Coincidence?

    Coincidentally, I’m reminded of a bit somewhere in Gary Mex Glazner’s _How to Make a Living as a Poet_. Per approximate recollection, he writes about expanding the audience for poetry, and suggests organizing a tour of readings as one way to do this, and gives an example of a small Arizona or New Mexico town where he has read repeatedly, but then concedes this is a town where almost everyone either ~”is an artist or sleeps with one.”

  2. Derek Cross says:


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