Welcome to the new improved WordPress Curculio. The overall appearance will change frequently, perhaps drastically, over the next few weeks, but I’m eager to start posting again, so here it is. No need to update your blogrolls: as soon as my domain is transferred, the old URL will bring you straight here. At that time, the links to other pages of this site will also start working. Until then, anyone desperate to read some Juvenal or Claudian can try substituting for www.curculio.org in the URLs of the linked pages. That should work, though I can’t promise that I have everything in the same (relative) place as on the old site yet.

Comments are open, but moderated (the WP default). Please behave if you want me to loosen the comment rules. In the mean time, comments left between midnight and 8am Eastern time (later on weekends) will languish until I get out of bed.

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