Announcement: Spam Filters

Please be advised that comments containing the following words and phrases will be deleted by my software without me ever seeing them:

  • ‘amateur’
  • ‘credit’
  • ‘debt’
  • ‘loan’
  • ‘consolidation’
  • ‘cash advance’
  • ‘mastercard’
  • ‘visa’
  • ‘american express’

Also names of prescription drugs, sexual practices, hotel chains, and games of chance, even when they are included in longer words that are otherwise unexceptionable. The latter category includes, but is not limited to, ‘ambient’, ‘analytic’, ‘somatic’, and ‘red hot poker’.

It may be a challenge to write comments on some topics without using any of these words, but I’m sure my readers are up to it. As soon as I figure out how, I will put this message into the comment templates.

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