Five Years Ago Today . . . .

. . . was my first day as a High School teacher. Of course, I didn’t get much done other than meet the students, hand out syllabuses, and begin to learn their names. I got even less done on the second day, since I was teaching in Manhattan. None of my students lost any close relatives that day, but one was still living in temporary quarters when the job (a pregnancy-leave replacement) ended at Christmas.

So how have the first five years been? After two wonderful but temporary positions, and two horrible long-term positions, I’ve settled into one that’s both wonderful and long-term. I should have given up college teaching years before. This year I’m teaching Latin IV: AP Vergil (four juniors and one senior), Latin C (four 8th-graders), and Geometry (seven 6th-graders) at this school, where I taught Latin II, Latin IV, Greek IV, and Geometry last year. For the first six weeks of the year, I’m also teaching Latin II (seven freshmen) and Latin IV (four juniors) at this school, another pregnancy-leave replacement. I don’t know that I’ll be posting much about my day-to-day teaching, but, except for a nagging cold I can say: So far, so good.

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  1. C. Kirshner says:

    I am an adult Latin learner as my high school had partially abandoned the Classics. I wish they hadn’t
    I invite everyone to register for a free online Spoken Latin course, “Sermo Latinus” given at Academia Thules. it’s given by a Latin philologist & you will be able to speak Latin.
    I am so devoted to this cause that I also am the producer of a Roman & Latin podcast “Vox Romana”
    cura ut valeas
    Rory (Hortensia)

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